Roof survey and Topaz Sharpen AI

A two-in-one post:

  • Inspecting my house-roof with my DJI Mavic Pro, and;
  • Cleaning up video frame grabs with Topaz Sharpen AI.

The Problem: How do I work out what is making noise on the roof?

When the wind blows in a certain direction our house’s roof groans. Quite unsettling.

I thought it was something loose on the roof, which is corrugated steel. It needed investigation. The issue is that without a substantial scaffold this corner of the roof is really quite inaccessible.

Enter the DJI Mavic Pro.


I videoed the flight in 4K and frame grabbed images. I could & should have taken stills, I just forgot.

I got to wondering whether there is some tech out there which can use info in the frames ‘around’ your grab to enhance the stills. Something like on the movies. Nearest I found was products from Topaz. Sharpen AI only considers a single still you give and (as I understand it) uses general knowledge to enhance. It does a remarkable job, but think a more localised approach would be better.

Topaz also has a product for upscaling a video (from 4K to 8K). I downloaded the demo but it told me it was going to take a week to analysis the 3 minutes of footage so did not bother.

Anyway, a result from Sharpen AI below. My free trial ran out so you only get one.

What did I find

The roof is fine – no missing screws etc

What I didn’t find

What is causing the noise. Ho hum.

My suspicion is (currently…but is swings wildly) focused on the rolled outer edge of the copper gutter – kinda panpipey.

Do remember those panpipe people (note the PC ambivalence) that were invariably at the same shopping centre you were at, doing a pipe-based Lady in Red or Toto’s Africa.

It was a better time.