F@ck my eyes are burning

Friday afternoon. As an aside (the earliest ever?) I’ve observed a certain amount of freewheeling* goes on from about lunchtime (* avoiding the particularly mentally-taxing tasks). Anyway, it’s around 5 pm and the wheels are off: People are distracted.

Nerdiness-fuelled distraction (as the sun went down) last Friday came in the form of blinding intensity of the reflection coming off Auckland’s newest glass-wrapped skyscraper.

It was really bright: retina-burningly bright. A colleague pulls out an iPhone and fires up their light-intensity-app (dunno what its call – Android version might be Science Journal which you can get on iOS)

I took this a couple of days later. You get the idea, right?

I get home and have this text conversation:

Oh damn you Mr Man-with-Luxometer.

I try and not really ‘do work’ on this blog (it crushes me) but this niggled me. Is it ‘correct’ – I want kind of want to know.

The sun to the iPhone: What happens between the two?

What happens between the two?

I wrote ‘What happens between the two (three times now) and realised that even if I make some sense of it in my own little engineering world is totally NOT (literally) what happens. I read somewhere that between point A and point B (if they exist at the same time) a photon/ light wave travelling from A to B exists concurrently in every possible path between the two. And since the speed of light is constant, and they all arrive simultaneously…well you’re ‘space is all wrong. But that’s just for that A and B, it does not A and C, or B and C.

Weird right?

In a nutshell, I have no f-ing idea what happens, I want to put numbers together what somebody smart says, with a method somebody other smart says, to see if what comes out matches what someone’s iPhone says.

…And down that rabbit hole I have gone.

My dad actually had a dog (or was looking after it?) that he said got lost down a rabbit hole (well in a warren, I suppose).

It was a Jack Russell (apparently).

Pretty small Jack Russell, Dad”, or big rabbits. Hum.

I think the dog did show up, eventually.

Item 1 on the to-dos:

Do I get really get solar & visible light transmission?

Time to put my R-goggles on, demist them (they are VERY foggy) and dive into the world of spectra.

This is just a little list of resources that have helped/ confused me along the way, in no particular order.









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