Barbeque Beer Bread

As part of Project Be-Part-Of-the-One-Percent…making beer bread on a (Weber) barbeque. Every little helps, right?

South Sea Cuisine by Suie Carruthers

I didn’t think of this recipe, I cribbed it from this book, but good luck finding that book unless you are in Rarotonga, Cook Islands. Or perhaps you have a mum who went there and randomly bought it for you for as a present. Hum?

In the loaf I baked, I doubled up on all the quantities (because I had a large bottle of Chinese beer) and baked the bread on the BBQ. I think that warrants *a forked recipe (hum, github for recipes)? A The most important bit I reckon (my 1% contribution)  is to shield the base of the baking tray from the direct flame of the barbeque.

* As an aside, there is a github for recipes (Venture Beat) , it called Fork the CookBook. The VentureBeat link points out “Sites like CucumberTown, Forkinit, and BigOven offer comparable services “.

They don’t really, I dont think.

They are comparable insofar as, I suppose, they have recipes and are about food, but Fork the Cookbook is ‘doing’ git most closely (the bit I thought was my unique million dollar idea!). Git a is distributed version control system that computer programmers use – GitHub is the most popular cloud manifestation of the git system.

I digress.

Recipe Verdict

Pretty good. Bit cakey. Bit like corn-bread. Easier to go the the bakers and just drink the beer.


  • 2 bottles regular (330ml) beer. Or a large bottle of Chinese Pearl River if you randomly happen to have one.
  • 6 cups of good, new self-raising flour
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 4 tablespoons of sugar
  • Sunflower seeds on top, milk to glaze


As per photos. Barbeque (or oven I suppose) to 170C. Cooking time: 1 hour.