App: Wifi Hot-Spot on Oreo

I rooted my Pixel XL to try and fix the Trigger app’s refusal to turn on wifi hot-spotting automagically when I turn my car on. The reason it’s not working, I think, is that Trigger is borderline abandonware and has not been updated for Oreo’s new (lack of) exposure of hotspot function in WifiManager.

I wrote a little app (which turned out to be quite a lot of screwing around) to fix this. It runs in the background and provides a way to turn WiFi HotSpot off and on with Intents.

If you are simple instructions for setting up on Trigger – they’re here.

The source is still here on GitHub.

Once you’ve installed the app, you can turn on the Oreo device’s WiFi HotSpot (from another/ your application) with the action element route or data element route. To turn the hotspot off you replace the ‘on’ in all the code/links below with ‘off’.

Action Element

Intent intent = new Intent();

***EDIT 02/04/2018***
Time-old code above for broadcasting an intent does not work in Oreo. Oreo introduced an Implicit Broadcast Ban – more about that here
A (temporary?) workaround is listed on that same CommonsWare article:

Intent intent = new Intent("com.fitc.wifihotspot.TURN_ON");
private static void sendImplicitBroadcast(Context ctxt, Intent i) {
PackageManager pm=ctxt.getPackageManager();
List matches=pm.queryBroadcastReceivers(i, 0);

for (ResolveInfo resolveInfo : matches) {
Intent explicit=new Intent(i);
ComponentName cn=
new ComponentName(resolveInfo.activityInfo.applicationInfo.packageName,;


Unfortunately,waht this means is that if you are using some third-party app where these is an option to broadcast implicit intents, then unless they have implemented this workaround (a something else which works), my app willnot work.

Data Element

Uri uri = new Uri.Builder().scheme("wifihotspot").authority("turnon").build();
Intent i = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW);

The code above is the same as you would use for getting your app to open your default Android browser on whatever-website.

FYI, the data route uses that same stuff under-the-bonnet as what Android does with a hyperlink on a website. In fact, if you have installed the app on your phone and you are reading this in your browser on your phone, then clicking on wifihotspot://turnon SHOULD turn on your hotspot?!? Maaagic! Click  wifihotspot://turnoff and off it goes. Whoaaaa!!


There were two hurdles I ran into. Too drunk to explain them in detail, but you can see how I overcame them in GitHub code::

  1. data element in an intent only picked up by ‘Browsers’ (which must be Activity), not my BroadcastReceiver (as I’d hoped)
  2. It’s a whole lot of pain getting at Oreo’s hotspot tethering – more here.