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Subaru 2006 GT-B Wagon

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  New Subaru Teething Problems The new car is great, but I shall cut to the chase – there are a few wrinkles to iron out. These are niggles that I suppose a new car (owner) would not suffer. Anyhow,  as part of my new year’s resolution to be the 1% […]

Subaru Legacy AUX-IN

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I have had a great number of fails this summer. It has not been that productive. Pleased with this one though. I managed to get an AUX-IN going on the Subaru Legacy OEM stereo…using the <AUX> button too. I am pretty pleased to have worked this one out. Hopefully useful […]

Subaru Legacy (to) STi

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A while ago we bought a new car – a Subaru Legacy GT-B. It was pretty much right-on-the-money of what we were after, except the sunroof. In this post, I mentioned elusive Legacy STi. The other day, out of curiosity, I had a look into what this elusive car was and how it’s […]

Subaru: Front Grille GT

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Who Needs a Front Grille Badge? We do! So in my effort to spruce up my car I came across the S402 Legacy. One of the cosmetic accoutrements it had was the S402 badge on the front grille. Custom Front Badge I thought a bit about making my own badge. I […]

Subaru: New in-car display

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Our 2006 Subaru Legacy, when new, must have been the bee’s knee’s for all the electronic gizmos it has. It is crammed with entertainment tech to make those 00s Tokyo traffic jams more manageable. The jewel is/was the 7″ touchscreen with sat nav, TV, DVD video, vehicle settings, a calendar, a calculator, vehicle […]

Subaru In Car Screen: Kenwood FGZ204F2 Wire Ports

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The old screen unit in my car was a Kenwood FGZ204F2 system. It has 4 jacks/harnesses into the back. This post is just the outcome of my Googling of what the various pins do. The pin diagrams I found, weirdly, were all on Russian Subaru/ car forums: The plan […]