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Drone: Intro

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It was my 38th birthday last week…which I thought meant I’m pretty much I’m halfway there. Not quite. According to this, my estimated expectancy is 99, with a 75% chance of getting to 90. Anyway. That IS an aside, I am droning on 😉 My wife got me a drone. It […]

Quadcopter Crash Landing

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For a while, I’ve had my quadcopter up-and-running. I am not the best pilot in the world, but getting better. We are staying at a place where people are sparse (I think people feel a little uncomfortable about drones) so I decided to duct tape my GoPro Hero 5 Black on the […]

Graveyard Spiral REDUX

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series Quadcopter

I have access to Adobe Premiere Pro and have always felt a little overwhelmed by it (the software) and, creative-wise, the additional dimensions of time and sound. Compared to playing with a single image in Photoshop, getting anything good going with Premiere has seemed to take an immense amount of time and […]