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Dog’s Head: Part 2

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The end goal of this exercise is to cast, from metal, a bust of my dog’s head in metal: perhaps to use as a coat hook. The first step, modelling the dog’s head’ went well. This is just an ‘interim’ post with a few photos of the 3D printing of […]

Dog’s Head: Wax Cast. Take 1

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I have made the wax cast (which will be ‘lost’ with my lost-waxing). It was pretty successful except it was missing an ear. I just melted down some big-arse candles I got from the dollar store. It does mean that our ’emergency package’ is lacking in the candle department, so we […]

Dog’s Head: Aluminium Furnace

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The missing bit in my attempts to cast an aluminium dog’s head – melting aluminium. First Plan Make a gas or charcoal powered furnace: youtube video by Grant Thompson which set this idea off. The problem with gas and charcoal (+hairdryer) are they are noisy, seem a little hit-and-miss & inconvenient and […]

Dog’s Head: Furnace Ceramic Shield

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To reduce the risk of electrocuting myself, I made a ceramic box to separate the bare-metal and electrically-live heating coil from the inside of my furnace. Seemed a good idea. ALERT & UPDATE: Bathroom tiles conduct electricity at 1000C 🙁 See here. The Problem Other furnace designs online have the […]