Dog’s Head: Aluminium Furnace

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The missing bit in my attempts to cast an aluminium dog’s head – melting aluminium. First Plan Make a gas or charcoal powered furnace: youtube video by Grant Thompson which set this idea off. The problem with gas and charcoal (+hairdryer) are they are noisy, seem a little hit-and-miss & inconvenient and […]

Google+ Dried Banana Making Machine

Do you remember when g+ first came out? It was invite only, the next big thing. the Facebook crusher. It still exists, and its still a highly polished ‘thing’ (not sure what) without the endless baby pictures and what-I-had-for-lunch updates of Facebook. But it is dying an unfortunate and painfully […]

Dog’s Head: Wax Cast. Take 1

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I have made the wax cast (which will be ‘lost’ with my lost-waxing). It was pretty successful except it was missing an ear. I just melted down some big-arse candles I got from the dollar store. It does mean that our ’emergency package’ is lacking in the candle department, so we […]

Dog’s Head: Metal Casting – Lost Wax

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Another post as part of an ongoing mission to go from a photogrammetric (with Autodesk’s Recap) scan of my dog’s head to an aluminium cast of it, to use as a coat hook or something or something equally useless. The last few attempts have been pretty disastrous, so I have decided to […]

Dog’s Head: Metal Casting Mould by Dissolving ABS Print

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A while back I modelled my retard dog’s head with an aim to casting it in metal, somehow. The first attempt was a big fail and I have been ruminating on it since. This post is attempt II. Lego Man The first attempt, a half-scale of the dog’s head, was printed in […]

Getting Chartered

So, I have put in my application form to be a Chartered Engineer (CEng) and Member of CIBSE. The main meat of the application is the Engineering Practice Report, where you cite examples from previous projects where you have demonstrated the various competencies required by the Institute. My Engineering Practice Report […]

The One Percent: Success

I started this blog/ website (does one still say blog?) with the aim to be part of the One Percent: To give (to the internet) rather than just take. I am WELL  aware (I can see on the WordPress stats)* that no one reads my posts – the site really serves as […]

Reversing Camera: The New One (Part 2)

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Bit of a pause on the reversing camera for the DIY in-car screen. I managed to crack the touchscreen and had to get a replacement, which took a while (for me to be bothered). Camera now all at home in its 3D-printed enclosure and ready to be installed. To Seal or […]

DIY In-Car Screen: Extending Raspberry Pi Wifi Antenna.

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Just a bit of an update on the in-car entertainment system. I have got it out of the car again – to install the reversing camera. I thought I would take the opportunity to stick up an image of the thing opened up. RaspPi3 Wi-Fi The Raspberry pi 3B+ antenna […]

Reprap: Idea to Thing

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For all the disdain I throw at my little Reprap (see here, and here), the little machine never ceases to amaze me (when it’s working). The idea of it amazes me: A load of hacked together bits of MDF, wires and electronics can make a physical object. I have had a bike-light sitting around for […]