DIY CNC Router – Post 7: (Hot and Melting) Wires

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CNC Wiring: What I Thought Was a Good Idea I had neatly done all my wiring using old style computer serial leads and plugs (technically called a DE-9 D-Subminiature connector I learnt) and my little control boxes made from wine boxes. The serial connectors have nine pins so I was using four for […]

Irritating RepRap

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The Irritation that is My 3D Printer If I had to write a list of things that I am finding irritating right now, it would be quite long: Long enough, actually, for me to categorize the things on it, and list them: a meta-list. Three of those categories would be: (Paid/career) […]

Subaru: Sound system upgrade

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The OEM speakers and such in my Legacy were not up to much. I took a look at them in the doors and found they were shot: the paper cones had rotted away and the terminals were rusty. Plus, I’ve read, the OEM sound systems have room for improvement anyway. Anyway […]

Subaru: Decatted Downpipe and ECU ReMap

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DeCatted DownPipe So, to try and get a little more oomph from my car, I took my car to SubTech and got the OEM down-pipe swapped out for an un-catted one, and got the ECU re-mapped. To be honest, I did not do a great deal of research on what […]

Subaru Legacy (to) STi

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A while ago we bought a new car – a Subaru Legacy GT-B. It was pretty much right-on-the-money of what we were after, except the sunroof. In this post, I mentioned elusive Legacy STi. The other day, out of curiosity, I had a look into what this elusive car was and how it’s […]

DIY CNC Router – Post 5: Electronics and Software

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Just a brief one on what I am used to control my embryonic CNC  mill (at this dev stage anyway). It’ll put some context later posts. Arduino & CNC Shield I have a Protoneer CNC Shield (v3.00) mounted on an Arduino Uno. I am afraid to say that I think the […]

DIY CNC Router – Post 4: Spindle Power Wiring

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The CNC spindle I ordered off AliExpress arrived. It is a little heavier and more industrial than I imagined. As seems to be my modus operandi, I did not really know what I had ordered until I got it home: A big motor. Turns out it’s a 3-phase induction motor. I’d read […]

DIY CNC Router – Post 3

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My CNC spindle arrived from AliExpress, and I have had it going – but I’ll stick that in a future post (there have been some teething issues!). This weekend I got busy with the boring job of wiring. I decided to use old-school 9-pin serial leads and plugs for my […]

(Makeup) Table

We’ve had the table in the photo below for a while, so I’m just posting this to preserve, I suppose, the back-stories of a couple of (very ordinary) objects that have a couple of my (and I am sure others’) memories associated with them. It is used as a bedroom table […]