Graveyard Spiral REDUX

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I have access to Adobe Premiere Pro and have always felt a little overwhelmed by it (the software) and, creative-wise, the additional dimensions of time and sound. Compared to playing with a single image in Photoshop, getting anything good going with Premiere has seemed to take an immense amount of time and […]

The One Percent: Success

I started this blog/ website (does one still say blog?) with the aim to be part of the One Percent: To give (to the internet) rather than just take. I am WELL  aware (I can see on the WordPress stats)* that no one reads my posts – the site really serves as […]

Reversing Camera: The New One (Part 1)

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Having pulled the old (analog) camera off my Legacy, its time to install the new one. I bought (what claims to be) a night-vision Rasbpi fish eye camera off Aliexpress – it works great, so far, with Emteria OS running on RPi3B. It’s just an electronic component though – no case […]

App: Wifi Hot-Spot on Oreo

I rooted my Pixel XL to try and fix the Trigger app’s refusal to turn on wifi hot-spotting automagically when I turn my car on. The reason it’s not working, I think, is that Trigger is borderline abandonware and has not been updated for Oreo’s new (lack of) exposure of […]

Unlocking and Rooting Stock Pixel XL

I have done a DIY job on my in-car screen. It has no mobile internet (i.e. it has no SIM card) so the intention was to automagically turn on my phone’s HotSpot function and use that for the car’s internet. When my car turns on it powers up a little […]

Android and Arduino Code for In-Car Screen

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As part of my project trying to do a DIY (Android-based) in-car screen system I’ve decided to use Arduino as the halfway house between hard buttons, info from the car (like its being in reverse) and whatever sensors, and the Raspberry Pi running Emteria OS. I’ve written an Android app […]

Subaru Legacy in-Car Screen: What Software?

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Continuation of the previous post, which was the equivalent, but for hardware. The finale of this post and the last one is that I ended up using Android for my in-car system (as opposed to some base version of Linux)…in fact, I’d say you need not read any further: it’s mostly […]