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Android and Arduino Code for In-Car Screen

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As part of my project trying to do a DIY (Android-based) in-car screen system I’ve decided to use Arduino as the halfway house between hard buttons, info from the car (like its being in reverse) and whatever sensors, and the Raspberry Pi running Emteria OS. I’ve written an Android app […]

Subaru Legacy in-Car Screen: What Software?

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Continuation of the previous post, which was the equivalent, but for hardware. The finale of this post and the last one is that I ended up using Android for my in-car system (as opposed to some base version of Linux)…in fact, I’d say you need not read any further: it’s mostly […]

Subaru: New in-car display

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Our 2006 Subaru Legacy, when new, must have been the bee’s knee’s for all the electronic gizmos it has. It is crammed with entertainment tech to make those 00s Tokyo traffic jams more manageable. The jewel is/was the 7″ touchscreen with sat nav, TV, DVD video, vehicle settings, a calendar, a calculator, vehicle […]

Smart(or Magic) Mirror

In my (so far) unsuccessful quest to mirror & control my Android phone on a Raspberry Pi + touchscreen (for my car), I kept on coming across MagicMirror for Raspberry PI online. I had the parts, so I built one. The only thing I did not have was two-way glass. A […]