Getting Chartered

So, I have put in my application form to be a Chartered Engineer (CEng) and Member of CIBSE. The main meat of the application is the Engineering Practice Report, where you cite examples from previous projects where you have demonstrated the various competencies required by the Institute. My Engineering Practice Report […]

The One Percent: Success

I started this blog/ website (does one still say blog?) with the aim to be part of the One Percent: To give (to the internet) rather than just take. I am WELL  aware (I can see on the WordPress stats)* that no one reads my posts – the site really serves as […]

Reprap: Idea to Thing

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series RepRap

For all the disdain I throw at my little Reprap (see here, and here), the little machine never ceases to amaze me (when it’s working). The idea of it amazes me: A load of hacked together bits of MDF, wires and electronics can make a physical object. I have had a bike-light sitting around for […]

Drone: Intro

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Quadcopter

It was my 38th birthday last week…which I thought meant I’m pretty much I’m halfway there. Not quite. According to this, my estimated expectancy is 99, with a 75% chance of getting to 90. Anyway. That IS an aside, I am droning on 😉 My wife got me a drone. It […]