Dog’s Head

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We bought a giraffe head coat hook a while back – not sure why. Its made of cast aluminium. I have since seen the same head in a couple of other places – restaurants, shops. The most recent was in a place we stayed over Christmas. It is as if […]

Nice Words

Random List of ‘Nice’ Words Well Words I Liked Anyway For a while now, whenever I’ve seen a word I liked and not known the meaning of, I’ve looked it up and stuck it on the end of a list in Google Keep. I was looking at the list the […]

Typo Detection Part VI: End of the comparisons, for now

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So, I’ve spent a bit of time comparing my writing’s transition matrix with three classic authors – Hemingway, Baum and Darwin. This, really, was a little bit of an aside: Secretly, I was hoping some sort of magic formula would jump out to tell me how to write better. Unfortunately, if […]

Typo Detection Part V: Comparing Matrices

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In the last couple of posts, I considered whether the Frobenius distance/norm or Pearson correlation coefficient were appropriate ways to compare my 4 POS transition matrices. Also, I have produced similarity matrices and scatter plots as more visual ways of trying to garner anything useful – I think the scatter GIFs are probably […]

Typo Detection Part IV: Comparing Matrices with The Pearson coefficient.

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I cut the last post, where I was looking at ways to quantify the similarity between two matrices, I cut things short – the post was getting too long-winded and math-ey. This one might be a little too (we’ll see)…but hopefully, it’ll be short. I covered using the matrix norm for comparing my […]

Typo Detection Part III Comparing Matrices with the Vector Distance

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In the last typos detection post I worked out the POS transition matrices for 3 classic books, to serve as comparisons of exemplary writing to compare to my own matrix. What I have done now is done a bit of post-processing on those matrices to try and compare them. To be honest […]

Typo Detection Part II Other Writers

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I have been playing with something to try and detect annoying typos. It uses a natural language processor (at the moment I’m using Stanford Parser) to form a transition matrix for the Parts of Speech (POS) I use. For input data, I used my writing from this blog. At the end of […]

Typo Detection

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Typos There is nothing worse than when you spend hours, days (weeks?) writing something and then you revisit it and find it peppered with dumb, and seemingly inescapable, typos. It really bugs me: If I see those typos in somebody else’s work I automatically think, “sloppy”, and; No matter how […]

(Grrrrr!)eprap Pololu Driver Upgrade

The (Driver) Issues My Prusa i3 really is now becoming a labour of love, rather than something that will ever be useful. Despite my last bout of tinkering, something was still broken. The Halcyon days of perfect prints seem long in the past now – did they ever even exist I […]

Subaru: Front Grille GT

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Who Needs a Front Grille Badge? We do! So in my effort to spruce up my car I came across the S402 Legacy. One of the cosmetic accoutrements it had was the S402 badge on the front grille. Custom Front Badge I thought a bit about making my own badge. I […]