Casting Day Fuzzy Feeling

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So I posted about my ceramic shield. I thought this was a wonderful thing – addressing a deep flaw in other ‘amateur’. electric furnace designs. I might have revelled in my brilliance in that post (between the lines although I did refer at one point a likeness to the heat shields […]

Casting Day Brown Gas

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“What’s that pink gas”, my wife can be heard on video in my last post. I muttered something – to allay fears- but I did wonder. Firstly: Definitely not pink. Definitely brown. Proof that Zoe walks around with permanent rose-tinted glasses on. Secondly: It’s due to 800C chlorine eating my steel […]

Dog’s Head: Casting Day

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The time has come – Casting Day. My last post took me to step (9) of the Wikipedia page process for lost-wax casting. Now its ‘No 10’: Pouring. Big Day! Loading up the Crucible I loaded up my steel crucible with: Aluminium (!) A bit of chlorine tablet Some charcoal Aluminium […]

Dog’s Head: Plaster Mould

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Making the plaster cast of the to-be lost wax copy of the head. This whole process is a bit tedious to be honest, and mucky. I have taken the lost-wax path, but am starting to wonder if there isn’t some easier way, using the 3d print as the “lost-wax”. and avoiding making […]

Dog’s Head: Wax Cast. Take 2

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So I am using the lost-wax casting to make my aluminium dog’s head. My first crack at making the wax cast was ‘okay’ but there were bubbles and a lopped off an ear tip. I have had another go. First time around I just used a big (paraffin) wax candle – […]

Aluminium Furnace: Some Pics

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I have furnace up-and-running, well up-and-heating at least. I have taken it to 800C so far…aluminium melts at c650C. No problems (well one problem, see below, nearly none.)   The Earthing/ RCD Problem I think I alluded to it in furnace post on electronics? An issue I had with earthing. […]

Graveyard Spiral REDUX

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I have access to Adobe Premiere Pro and have always felt a little overwhelmed by it (the software) and, creative-wise, the additional dimensions of time and sound. Compared to playing with a single image in Photoshop, getting anything good going with Premiere has seemed to take an immense amount of time and […]

Quadcopter Crash Landing

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For a while, I’ve had my quadcopter up-and-running. I am not the best pilot in the world, but getting better. We are staying at a place where people are sparse (I think people feel a little uncomfortable about drones) so I decided to duct tape my GoPro Hero 5 Black on the […]

Dog’s Head: Furnace Ceramic Sheild

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To reduce the risk of electrocuting myself, I made a ceramic box to separate the bare-metal and electrically-live heating coil from the inside of my furnace. Seemed a good idea. ALERT & UPDATE: A bit of an ‘issue’ with this whole idea. Bathroom tiles *might* (pretty sure they do) conduct […]

Dog’s Head: Aluminium Furnace Electronics

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Quick one – the electronics for my aluminium foundry. AliExpress shopping list was in my last post. A Couple of Progress Photos I got all the electronics wired up and tested it by sticking the thermocouple in the oven while I was cooking a frozen chicken kiev for dinner – I […]