Reprap: Idea to Thing

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For all the disdain I throw at my little Reprap (see here, and here), the little machine never ceases to amaze me (when it’s working). The idea of it amazes me: A load of hacked together bits of MDF, wires and electronics can make a physical object. I have had a bike-light sitting around for […]

Quadcopter vs Drone. A case for the Tessacopter.

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An observation (from trying to work out how to build my ‘copter’): They are referred to as Quadcopter or Quads, not drones ( I had ‘drone’ in the first couple of my posts). I feel I would get destroyed if went to some event will a load of aficionados and started talking […]

Drone: Flight Controller (Revolt v3)

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So my wife got me a drone – it came as a ton of bits. I Googled around but did not really find an all-in tutorial on how to put all the bits together to make something that might fly, so I decided to wing it (hahahaaa). I started with […]

Drone: Intro

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It was my 38th birthday last week…which I thought meant I’m pretty much I’m halfway there. Not quite. According to this, my estimated expectancy is 99, with a 75% chance of getting to 90. Anyway. That IS an aside, I am droning on 😉 My wife got me a drone. It […]

Carving with CNC

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The CNC machine has had a few upgrades since my last post. I will list them at some point. The machine now is at a pretty good stage – still a few niggles. To celebrate I thought I would have a go at carving wood with it – I have […]

Reversing Camera: The New One (Part 1)

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Having pulled the old (analog) camera off my Legacy, its time to install the new one. I bought (what claims to be) a night-vision Rasbpi fish eye camera off Aliexpress – it works great, so far, with Emteria OS running on RPi3B. It’s just an electronic component though – no case […]

Reversing Camera: Removing the old one

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So today I decided to pull out the old camera from my car, and hopefully use the mount and whatever else, for the new system. My 2006 Subaru Legacy had a reversing camera. I have ripped out the old screen system (was in Japanese) and have replaced it with a DIY […]

App: Wifi Hot-Spot on Oreo

I rooted my Pixel XL to try and fix the Trigger app’s refusal to turn on wifi hot-spotting automagically when I turn my car on. The reason it’s not working, I think, is that Trigger is borderline abandonware and has not been updated for Oreo’s new (lack of) exposure of […]

Unlocking and Rooting Stock Pixel XL

I have done a DIY job on my in-car screen. It has no mobile internet (i.e. it has no SIM card) so the intention was to automagically turn on my phone’s HotSpot function and use that for the car’s internet. When my car turns on it powers up a little […]